5 tips on how to help your child stay healthy during the school year.

The school year is a wonderful period! Old friends reunite after holidays, chat about their rest and new experience, and, of course, get new knowledge. Many parents wonder what they can do to help their child to stay active and healthy during school time. Check out our top-5 tips that will help you!

1. Make sure your child is vaccinated. Remember that children spend a lot of time in the classroom, so there is a great chance of infection transfer from one child to another. Vaccination can protect your child from 16 different diseases.

2. Teach your child how to properly wash his hands. Hand washing is another way to protect your child from diseases and germs, which is very important. You can show your child how to wash hands at home, thus he can do it after you and you can check if he understood your instructions correctly.

3. Help the child’s immune system to work well. Of course, there is no way of boosting immunity but you can make sure that your child has enough sleep, eats healthy food, exercises, and has spare time for his hobbies.

4. Teach your child some healthy habits. These include using tissues while sneezing, avoiding touching eyes or sharing cups with friends, etc.

5. Notice the signs of a child’s stress. In school, kids have many stressful situations every day, from unexpected test to fight with a classmate or friend. Pay enough attention to your child and control his wellbeing.