Flat feet: why is this deformity so dangerous?

Flat feet isn’t just an ordinary children’s problem, as it requires careful treatment! In fact, the most dangerous are the consequences of this deformity, which at first can’t be noticed even by parents. If the feet stand improperly, then the child's gait changes and the feet can’t absorb the shock correctly. This leads to an excessive load on the spine, and the child may even develop scoliosis. Improper gait leads to diseases of the joints and spine (arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, bursitis, scoliosis, etc.). Apart from the fact that at school age, such loads can cause pain in the joints, later they will also affect the general health of the child, causing problems in the work of internal organs.

Symptoms of flat feet

Children usually don’t say that they feel any discomfort in the feet, and if this happens, then usually parents don’t pay attention to it, which is a big mistake!

You must attention to the following possible symptoms of flat feet:

- unevenly worn-out shoes: the inner part of the sole and heel are worn out more, one shoe is worn out more than the other;

- child says that he feels pain in the feet after an active game or an active walk;

- flattening of the foot arches.

If the child's gait has changed, he starts walking less and has more rest after it. If your child says that he feels pain then you should consult an experienced neurologist and orthopedist.

The “flat feet” diagnosis can be made after X-ray examination of the feet and physical examination by a pediatric neurologist and/or orthopedist, depending on the child's age.