Get your baby's feet ready for summer! The best shoes for kindergarten!

Kindergarten is a place where the impeccable shoe comfort is just essential. Children are always active, they play, run, do other activities, so their shoes have to be as comfortable as possible. What’s more, shoes have to be really light and made of high-quality hypoallergenic materials. How can you find sich nice shoes for your child? What are the best shoe options for kindergarten? Check out this article and find all the answers!


Ankle-foot orthosis shoes will be perfect for the hot summer season. We recommend exactly this option for kindergarten. Pay special attention to peep toe shoes, as this type of shoes is extremely lightweight. Your child’s feet will breathe and it won’t get sweaty. Twiki peep toe shoes are made of genuine leather. They have 3 Velcro clippers and a removable insole with the orthosis in the arch. You can be sure that your child’s feet are securely fixed in Twiki shoes due to anti-slipping sole and a Thomas heel. There are lots of different colors and designs both for boys and girls, so you have quite a broad range to choose from! Besides, you can choose high peep toe shoes for additional protection. 


Try Twiki shoes and see yourself that children don’t want to take them off, as they feel lightweight and super comfortable!