How to choose shoes for children with flat feet?

Children should always wear comfortable shoes made of high-quality materials. If a child has flat feet, then the shoes should be chosen especially carefully and responsibly.

In this article, you will learn what are the peculiarities of orthopedic shoes for children, how they help in treatment of flat feet, and what are the rules for choosing such shoes.

How orthopedic and preventive shoes can help a child if he has flat feet?

Medical orthopedic shoes can cope with defects in foot development until the child reaches the age of twelve. By this time, the foot completes its formation, and then the treatment of flat feet becomes very complicated and even ineffective sometimes.

The most important parts of orthopedic shoes are high quarters, hard backs, a specially designed sole, and heel. All these parts fix the child's foot in an anatomically correct position, which allows the foot to develop without deformations

Corrective shoes serve as a basis for the orthopedic insole, which is selected according to the diagnosis. The insole forms the correct arch of the foot and corrects posture disorders.

Not only the fixation of the foot is important in orthopedic shoes, but comfort is of vital importance too. It is difficult for children to wear shoes that rub or fall off or, on the opposite, are too tight. Therefore, orthopedic and preventive shoes should be made from genuine calfskin.