How to properly care for children’s orthopedic shoes?

If you have ever bought orthopedic footwear for a child, regardless of the manufacturer, you must have faced the problem of caring for it. As practice shows, most parents don’t know how to properly clean children's shoes, and even more - they don’t know what kind of care such footwear needs. However, it’s exactly the proper care that ensures the durability and nice look of the shoes on your child!
The first rule is that the care of orthopedic shoes is determined by the material from which they are made. If it is leather, try to teach your child to treat such shoes carefully from early childhood. If it is an artificial material (top) or a combined one, remember that although it’s more durable than natural leather, it is nevertheless can be damaged too.
Don’t wash children's orthopedic sandals and shoes in the washing machine or dry them on radiators, hot surfaces, or similar areas. The inner inlays can deform from high temperatures, the sole can start peeling off due to the softening of the glue. Don’t clean the shoes with a stiff brush, sponge, or other highly abrasive materials. Since leather is the most common material from which orthopedic shoes for children are made, exposure to such treatment methods and materials leads to its deformation. Use only special care products that are sold in the shoe shops. If you need to clean the shoes fast, then use special cleaning wipes.