Kindergarten Shoes

The modern pace of life doesn’t allow many mothers and fathers to spare enough time for their children. In this case, kindergarten is a real way out of a situation. Here, children are not only supervised by nursery teachers while their parents work but also get the necessary comprehensive development: they are engaged in physical education, have outside walks. That’s why child's shoes definitely shouldn’t cause any discomfort, because a child spends a lot of time in kindergarten, from morning to evening, 5 days a week!
Some parents are looking for cheaper shoes when they come to the children's shoe store for a second pair of shoes for the kindergarten. “Well, it’s just for the kindergarten group,” they say, not considering the fact that their child spends most of the day time in such a group, and a pretty major load is placed on his musculoskeletal system. Thus, kindergarten shoes should be as comfortable and anatomically correct as any other everyday children's shoes.
What kind of shoes are needed for kindergarten?  
Considering the fact that visiting kindergarten involves indoor group games, festivities, physical education, as well as outdoor walks, a universal type of shoes for kindergarten simply doesn’t and just can’t exist! Here you will need a regular second pair of shoes, party shoes, exercise shoes, and pool shoes in some cases. 
The second pair of shoes are the most common type of shoes for kindergarten. Children spend most of their time in them.  These can be sandals, peep-toes, shoes (ballet flats, moccasins), or open shoes.  Sometimes it depends on the requirements of a specific kindergarten, sometimes on the preferences of parents and the children themselves, and even on the prescriptions of orthopedists as well.  Quite often, textile shoes and sandals are used as a second pair of shoes in kindergarten. Such shoes are a nice option because they both protect against accidental damages to children's feet and are absolutely breathable. In most cases, textile shoes and sandals have an anatomically correct insole, and the cost of a pair of such shoes is much cheaper than leather analogs. Besides, if necessary, children's textile shoes can be washed in a washing machine, after which they look like a completely new pair.
Kindergarten sports shoes are designed for physical education. In most cases children's gymnastic shoes are used for such purposes, sneakers are less used. Children's gymnastic shoes are footwear with soft soles that give the child freedom of mobility and comfort during intense physical loads. However, such shoes can only be comfortable if they are made of high-quality materials. The best material for the manufacturing of children's gymnastic shoes is still genuine leather. It follows the shape of a child's feet, allows them to "breathe", and also has wear-resistant properties. Gymnastic shoes should tightly fit the child’s feet, and their sole should be not smooth (in order not to slip), but rough. 
Party shoes are probably the most beautiful type of kindergarten footwear. Any festivity in kindergarten can’t be good without beautiful dresses for girls and elegant suits for boys. For these outfits, the best shoe choice would be, for example, patent-leather children's shoes for girls and stylish classic shoes for boys, just like those that adult men wear. However, one has to remember that such shoes are called party because they should be worn on special days, not on a constant basis. That is because quite often such shoes don’t promote the correct development of children's feet (higher heels, pointed toes).
When choosing children's kindergarten shoes, first of all, one has to be guided by the comfort and shoe anatomical properties (a Thomas heel, a rather hard back, a shoe toe that has enough free space), and only then consider the aesthetic properties.