Orthopedic children's shoes - what is it and why is it needed

When a child starts to walk (usually it happens at the age of 8 to 18 months), the position of his body changes. His spine and hip joints start to feel the whole body weight, which will increase as the child is growing up. This is the exact time to buy the first pair of shoes, which will be not just beautiful, but also useful, providing a positive effect on the health of the child in general. 

Therefore, parents should very responsibly choose the very first shoes for their child. The shoes should be pretty flexible and soft so as not to impede the proper formation of the foot. The first shoes should not squeeze the foot, and the foot should not be fixed too loose in the shoes.

Usually, many orthopedists recommend orthopedic shoes as the best option for the first children’s shoes ever, but how can parents understand that their child needs exactly orthopedic shoes?

If you see that your child has any problems with walking on his own, or his feet shape doesn’t look right, visit the orthopedist. Unfortunately, nowadays foot pathologies are a common issue, and every second child somehow has them. Such pathologies as flat feet and clubfoot, hallux valgus foot deformity can be either congenital or acquired. Acquired foot pathologies may be a result of the following things: injuries, heavy loads, deformations of the foot due to wearing shoes of the wrong size (either too small, or with a room to grow into, or simply large), too tight and too loose shoes, improper positioning of the foot while walking. Orthopedic shoes are the effective prevention of foot deformities and a painless method of treating children's feet.