Three exercises with fitball for every day for one-year-old babies

Systematic exercises on fitball will help the baby develop correctly. Besides, these exercises are useful even for the mother as it can be considered as a little training for both baby mama and the baby!
Three rules for fitball exercises to become effective:
1. The baby starts to exercise when he is healthy, cheerful, and in a good mood.
2. The total duration of the session is fifteen minutes. In this case, it is not necessary to perform a set of exercises in a single course. You can do the exercises in portions, throughout the day, as the baby wants.
3. The baby is more easily involved in the exercising process when he hears nursery rhymes and a cheerful mother's voice.
Exercise one: "Jump!"
Fix the fitball between your legs, and put your baby on it facing you. Hold the baby by the body, lift and put him down onto the ball, that is, help the baby jump on the fitball. The exercise tones the baby's abdomen, back, arm, and leg muscles.
Exercise two: "Stretch!"
Lay your baby on the stomach on the fitball. In front of the ball, you can put things that are interesting to the child. These can be his favorite toys or colorful paper figures. Hold your child by the legs and rock him back and forth on the ball. Try to make sure that when moving forward, the baby reaches out with his arms and touches the floor with them.
Exercise three: "Relax"
Put the child on the fitball facing you. Take him by the wrists. In order to correctly hold the baby in this way, you need to put your thumb in his palm and hold the wrist with the rest of your fingers. Move the ball away from you, stretching the child by the arms, and bringing him closer, putting him back on the fitball.