What exactly is Thomas`s Heel?

Sometimes it can be very hard to choose orthopedic shoes for your child even if you already have a diagnosis and received all orthopedist’s recommendations. Orthopedic shoes for children contain different parts and details but not all of the parents know their functions. In this article, we will tell you about the Thomas heel, keep on reading!

The Thomas heel is a wide heel that is extended from the inside along the inner part of the sole. However, this is just a visible difference, but there is also a functional one – the heel design contributes to the anatomically correct load distribution and the formation of a child's foot.

So, children's shoes with the Thomas heel have the following characteristics:

 - due to the elongated design, the child’s feet won’t turn inwards;
 - a wide and stable heel increases the support area, proving grip with an uneven surface in any weather;

You should pay attention to what materials the shoes are made of, whether it has a removable orthopedic insole, how much moisture the sole absorbs. All these elements should complement the functional purpose of shoes with the Thomas heel, proving a high level of hygiene and comfort during prolonged wear.

Preventive children's shoes should have a rounded toe and a hard back that fixes the heel well, keeping it in the correct position and preventing the development of any deformations.

All types of children’s shoes are produced with the Thomas heel: among them are boots, sneakers, sandals, including home slippers. Of course, children’s shoes should be as comfortable as possible, minimizing the negative impact on the growing body.