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Real stories from caring moms

Natalia, a mom from Russia

When my son, Leonardo, was 6 months old, he was prescribed physical therapy. He had it for half a year and when he started to walk, he was tiptoeing, not stepping on his full foot. Our physiotherapist recommended him to use some plastic adjusters in order to fix the situation with the tiptoeing. I had a talk with our pediatrician, Jennifer, and decided not to use the adjusters until Leonardo was two years old. At the same time, I got him orthopedic shoes for his first step. My son is now a year and a half and he doesn’t tiptoe anymore. When we visit our pediatrician, she is always surprised. Besides, she is always saying how right my decision was. That is how we avoided wearing these inconvenient child plastic things. After that experience, I came up with the idea of creating this project, the truly comfortable shoes, which will preventatively help children to form an acceptable manner of walking and protect the feet from being tired as they grow.

Anastasia from California, Valya's mom and professional photographer

I was helping to develop many projects. I guess that starting something new from scratch and showing your creativity is always very exciting. As I am a mother of 2 children, the issue of choosing shoes for my daughter Valya is pretty relevant for me. As we travel a lot and have already moved from 3 states (not mentioning some regular trips), since my daughter is 3 months old, I prefer her to wear-resistant shoes from natural materials. I fully share the company's position that a child should actively explore the world and travel together with parents. Working with children is a great pleasure. Touching them and seeing how they testing this world out is big happiness!

Jennifer from Florida, Cora's mom

When Cora started going to day care, I faced the following problem: Her shoes were constantly falling off. The day care teachers were complaining that the shoes were constantly falling and asking me to buy Cora more comfortable shoes for the day care every time they saw me. I bought a few pairs, but they were still falling off or Cora took them off herself. Thus, orthopedic shoes made of genuine leather have become the real deal for me, as they have a high heel and 3 fasteners, which allow them to securely stay on the feet and not to fall off. It is comfortable for Cora to wear them and now she doesn’t have any problems when going to day care. I decided to take part in the project because I like these shoes and I want to help the whole world of moms to solve the problem of constantly falling-off shoes!

Mia from Germany, Caroline's mom

It was difficult for me to choose shoes for Caroline for her first step since her foot is wider than most girls' feet at her age. I ordered more than 30 pairs of various shoes from different manufacturers, but all of them were too tight for Caroline’s feet. Then I decided to look for some orthopedic shoes and we managed to find the perfect peep shoes for Caroline. These shoes can be adjusted in the foot width, regardless of the child’s foot size. Later, I came up with the idea of helping other mothers solve similar problems and that’s why I took part in this project.