5 tips for choosing children's orthopedic shoes

As many colorists say, even the brightest hair color isn’t popping until the hair is properly styled, and that’s a matter of fact! However, extreme heat damage leads to color fading. How can you prevent it? Keep on reading and find it out!
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1 5 tips for choosing children's orthopedic shoes
Nowadays more and more children need orthopedic shoes for preventive purposes. We know that choosing them sometimes is quite a difficult task, that’s why in today’s article we will give you 5 useful tips on how to properly choose orthopedic shoes for your baby, keep on reading!
1. Shape and style of shoes
Children's shoes should have a spacious round toe that has enough free space for the toes. The more squared up the inner shoe edge is, the better because in this case the big toe lies in its natural position and it’s not squeezed by the rest of the toes. We warn you not to choose trendy pointed shoes because they can deform the child's toes.
2. Top material
Choose shoes that are made from natural (genuine) materials, such as leather and textiles, that should be soft, breathable, and moisture-absorbing. The most important peculiarity of these materials is that they follow the anatomical foot shape.
List of absolutely breathable materials:
• Textiles (natural fibers such as wool, chemical fibers like polyamide ...);
• Leather (but only genuine);
• Waterproof footwear with a special, breathable membrane;
3. Shoe insoles
Children's feet sweat quite a lot, and the foot is the largest source of moisture. Considering this, every shoe pair, especially one with a closed top, should have a special insole or insert made of absorbent material (processed leather, textiles) in the inner part of the shoe, in the sole area to be more exact
4. Counter
The foot in the shoe should be fully and well fixed. There should be no undesired side movement of the leg heel. That’s why, any children's shoes should have a special "closed" cutting, such as the sandals with a "full" heel part. Shoes should have a pretty hard, high, and tight enough counter, i.e. the inner shoe knot in the heel area should be like this.
5. Shoe upper part design
Good fixation of the foot in the shoe is provided by the appropriate design of the upper part as well because it is exactly the upper part that firmly keeps the foot in the necessary position and protects it from damage and accidents when walking. We recommend shoes with laces, or with a closed upper with straps or Velcro fasteners. In the smallest size groups, we recommend you buying only ankle-length shoes.