How to choose the right size

Shopping online is not always easy when it comes to sizes, especially when you’re picking shoes for your kids. Different brands have different sizes, so it’s pretty easy to choose the wrong size. What comes next is sending the shoes back to the shop and waiting for the refund. Sounds bad, doesn’t it?

This article is written in order for you to surely know how to choose the right shoe size for children. Besides, here you can find some useful size charts that will definitely help you to choose the right pair.
Feet Measurement Guide

There is a simple and at the same time right way to measure your child’s foot - just trace his or her foot. You will just need to measure the length between the heel and toe of your child using the following things:
A ruler
A paper piece
A pencil

First of all, ask your child just to stand up on the piece of paper and overline his or her while foot with the help of a pencil. Remember to watch the foot! It should be absolutely flat and the toes should be relaxed, but not curled.
Move on. Remove the paper and draw a straight line. It should start behind the heel and go up to the edge of the longest toe. Don’t forget to leave a space of approximately 1/4 inch just for the shoes to be not too tight. The final length is the exact length of your child’s foot. We recommend you to always use this measurement along with our sizing charts while picking the shoes for your child.

Many parents wonder how to realize that a child needs a new pair? That’s simple: if the shoes that your child is wearing now have less than 1/2 inch of free space for the feet, you’d better buy a new pair.
We mentioned foot measurement but don’t forget to measure both feet, not only one! We have differing feet and children are not an exception. Remember that one of your child’s feet could be either bigger or smaller by up to 1/2 inch. That’s why you have to measure both feet and choose the shoes only according to the bigger foot measurement.
How to find out if the shoes are of the right size
Despite the fact that “toe test” is pretty reliable, you’d better check twice. This way, you should squeeze the shoe tip just to make sure that it’s not too small and has enough space for the foot growth. During the foot measurement kids usually impatiently curl their feet that’s why your measurements can be somehow incorrect.
Here’s the brief instruction on how to make sure that the shoes are fine. First of all, hold the shoe toe. This way your child won’t be able to move his or her toes. Then, pull your palm in the space between your child’s heel and a shoe just to check if there is enough space for your child’s foot to normally grow.
Besides, don’t forget that there should be some space between the heel and the rear of the shoe. This space should be comfortable enough and shouldn’t make the shoe go up and down. If it happens, tie the laces tightly. If after this the heel still moves more than it should, choose the smaller size.
The speed of your child’s feet growth

The feet growth can be divided into several periods. Age of 0-2 - the child’s foot grows approximately 1 inch per year. Age of 2-5, -  the child’s foot normally grows 0.75 inches per year.
Taking to account this fact, you should measure your child’s feet at least one time per half a year just to make sure that the shoes are still ok and they didn’t become too tight. Wearing tight shoes can be a reason for some serious foot problems and cause your child discomfort. We recommend you making measurements on a regular basis once in a few months.