Children's orthopedic insoles against clubfoot - what to choose?

Children’s clubfoot is not only a cosmetic defect. It’s a foot deformation and its subsequent deviation from the lower leg axis. In the case of clubfoot, there are some negative processes occur in the bone, cartilaginous, vascular, and nervous tissue in the feet area. As a result, the child's gait becomes clumsy, the child starts feeling pain in the feet.
Any violation of a child’s gait is an alarming symptom. If a baby or a child leans forward too much when walking, festinates or, on the contrary, takes excessively wide steps or wears down shoes only along the inner or outer edge, then it is necessary to take some measures and improve the gait, getting rid of particular problems.
If a child is actively involved in sports and he spends a lot of time standing on his feet, he should take some measures to prevent clubfoot, flat feet, and other violations of the foot shape. In childhood, the child's legs and feet are just forming, the bone tissue in the feet area isn’t strong enough, therefore, the risk of orthopedic pathologies is increased.
Here’s the description of the perfect insoles that will help your child in the case of clubfoot.
- made of genuine leather
- shock-absorbing latex frame in the area of the longitudinal arch
- the inner edge of the heel area is thicker than the outer one (built-in wedge-shaped corrector)
- glue retainer