Do healthy children still need to wear orthopedic shoes?

Children foot pathologies nowadays are quite a common problem, thus, even parents of an absolutely healthy and normally developing child start wondering if their baby needs orthopedic shoes.
Healthy children don’t need orthopedic shoes, only anatomical ones. Special ortho shoes are bought only on the recommendation of an orthopedist. You shouldn’t make your child wearing them on the advice of bloggers, grandparents, friends and even your pediatrician. First of all, consult an orthopedist to find out the exact diagnosis of your child, if you believe that there is any problem with his feet. If the baby quickly gets tired when walking, he starts to get fussy or his shoes treads down, you need to visit an orthopedist.
Myths about children's orthopedic shoes
Often, moms and dads are guided by myths when choosing shoes for their child. Here are some of them:
- Orthopedic shoes are necessary for all children. That’s false, as they are necessary for those who need a special treatment.
- Children's shoes should help the correct formation of the foot. That’s another myth. Boots, sandals, shoes, first of all, shouldn’t interfere with natural foot development.
- Orthopedic shoes can’t harm healthy children. That’s false. If worn without any prescription, such shoes can prevent your child’s feet from developing correctly!