How do you know if your child is wearing the right orthopedic shoes?

When choosing children's shoes, many parents think about the formation of the child's gait and buy orthopedic shoes, which are needed to correct or prevent foot defects. Remember that you can buy orthopedic shoes only after consulting an orthopedist. Your children should be at least one year old in order to be examined by the orthopedist.

Any orthopedic shoes should be made of safe materials since the child will have to spend quite a lot of time in them during the day. Indoors, you can choose sandals made of soft artificial or natural leather, for outdoor - sneakers or boots from the same materials. Fabric shoes are also a good option, especially for summer.

We recommend choosing orthopedic shoes with a Velcro fastener so that the child can take off and put on shoes on his own. Sandals with three Velcro straps allow you to better adjust the fixation of the shoes on the feet. Laces are the least desirable option: it will be difficult for a child to learn how to work with them.

If the child is very young and poorly coordinated, he often stumbles and falls, we recommend buying closed-toe shoes so as not to injure the toes while falling, for example.

Even before buying, your child should try on shoes. Ask the child to walk in the new pair and check if the shoes rub the feet and whether it is comfortable for him to walk in them or not.