How to express your love to the baby from the first step?

Children make us happy every day, they motivate us to be better people. Everything that child feels and knows in his first years of life is either influenced or given by his parents. How can you express your unconditional love to your baby from his first steps?Everyone knows the famous quote of the American psychologist Virginia Satir: “A child needs four hugs a day to survive; eight - to make him feel good; and 12 - in order for him to grow and develop as a person.” Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to start a calendar and mark on it the daily number of hugs with a child. However, it’s worth remembering that every baby needs affection, even if he strives for independence from early childhood.A child can and should be hugged, kissed and praised! The love, attention, affection and care that you gave him in childhood are a kind of support in adulthood. Self-confidence, a dignified attitude towards others and a realistic, positive perception of the world - this is not a complete list of qualities that you can bring up in your baby by hugging and supporting him!Parental love should inspire new victories.  Believe in your children as you don’t believe in anyone else: he will feel your love at the stadium, at the exam, when he’ll fall in love for the first time.Prove your child with maximum comfort with Twiki shoes from his first steps! While manufacturing Twiki children's orthopedic shoes, specialists of the Trives company take care of the maximum comfort and convenience of wearing such shoes by children. For Twiki shoes we use only high-quality materials that are selected considering different climatic conditions and weather events. You can find lots of different models on our website, go check it out!