How to prevent the development of children’s clubfoot: parents’ actions

Clubfoot is an abnormality of the anatomical structure of the foot joints. Clubfoot looks like a turn of the foot inward and slightly down. It is impossible to completely step on the foot in this position. It is important to remember that there comes a time when the clubfoot ceases to be a correctable problem. It won’t be possible to help the child anymore, so don’t think that the problem will disappear in future because it won’t. Therefore, proper treatment should be started immediately after the detection of this deviation. What parents should if their child has clubfoot? We will tell you everything in our article!
A visit to a podiatrist is the first thing to do. In order to reduce anxiety and confusion, you need to make an appointment with a podiatrist. The doctor will assess the condition of the child's feet and give the necessary recommendations for therapy that can stop the development of the clubfoot pathology.
Orthopedists often recommend the following treatments and corrective measures:
- massage course;
- certain sports that will be useful with such an abnormality of the anatomical structure - for example, dancing or gymnastics;
- a complex of physiotherapy exercises aimed at eliminating clubfoot;
- use of massage mats at home;
- the use of orthopedic insoles and/or orthopedic shoes.
All of these recommendations are aimed, firstly, at strengthening and stretching the muscles, and secondly, at activating or relaxing them, depending on the prescriptions of the attending orthopedic surgeon. Please note that the course of massage - its duration and specifics - is prescribed only by a doctor. When it comes to sports, you can choose any activity, but be sure to pay attention to the injury rate of sports. Now it is important to "set" the child's body on the correct development, therefore, doctors recommend dancing, gymnastics (not Olympic sports), swimming, etc.