Instep support in children's shoes

What is instep support in children's shoes? Should children’s shoes contain this element and why? Many parents often ask these questions, so why do children need an instep support in children's shoes? Let’s find it out!
What is an instep support and what is it’s purpose?
The instep support is a part of the orthopedic insole designed to support the inner area of the foot. It’s used for treatment of flat feet, or treatment after injuries of the lower leg or foot. The instep support is made of leather, cork, metal or plastic and is embedded in regular or orthopedic shoes. The instep support can be located in the area of ​​the back, middle, front sections of the orthopedic insole. By the way, it’s a mistake to call the entire orthopedic insole an instep support.
In shoe production, an instep support is an intermediate piece of the bottom of the shoe, which is located between the main insole and the half sock, intended to support the arch of the foot and the stability of the sole. The instep supports are the necessary elements in women's heeled shoes. Instep supports are made of metal, plastic and other materials, and can also be molded right with the main insole by injection molding.
From the point of view of medicine, an instep support is a special orthopedic product that is prescribed by an orthopedist if a child has problems with the foot. A child with a normally developing foot doesn’t need an instep support, it only prevents the muscles of the foot from developing naturally. However, instep supports are often used in special orthopedic shoes. That is, the instep support is much smaller and it supports the arch of the child's foot.