Massage mats for children - advantages and types

For a long time, massage has been successfully used for the prevention and treatment of various diseases. The massage effect involves the stimulation of certain areas of the body that have high biological activity. These zones include, first of all, our feet, on the surface of which reflexology points are located. These points are directly connected with all vital human organs.
Often, in a complex of measures to improve the condition of the children’s feet, the orthopedist prescribes the use of special orthopedic massage mats. The main indications for its use are:
- flat feet in any form;
- the complex or individual violation of the jog, spring, balancing functions of the foot;
- violations in the distribution of the load on the child's foot;
- foot deformity or the progression of existing disorders;
- violations in the formation of a child's gait.
In order to choose the right massage mat, first of all, you should decide what type of mat you need. There are the following types of these products:
- Rugs. Individual products that have bumps and bulges of different shapes and heights. These bumps provide an impact on individual parts of the foot when a child stands on them. As a result, micro-contractions of the foot muscles are stimulated, which provides a positive effect.
- Puzzles. A set of small elements, from which you can create a message mat of the desired area and shape. It allows you to create a mat that combines areas with different types of relief. Such puzzled rugs allow turning orthopedic gymnastics into a playful activity that is interesting for children.
- Hemispheres and balancing discs. Volumetric figures filled with gel or air which have massage elements on them. The shape of the products allows providing the best contact with the foot for maximum beneficial effect. An additional benefit of exercise is the development of the vestibular apparatus and improved coordination.