Measurements for bespoke footwear

Each parent faces the problem of measuring a child’s feet when ordering him or her individual pair of shoes. This is especially hard if you need to choose shoes without fitting. Most of the questions concern the shoe size because the same size can significantly differ from different manufacturers and craftsmen. Therefore, it’s very important to measure your baby's feet correctly before purchasing. How can you do it right? Let's figure it out in this article!
Place the child’s door on a blank sheet of paper with bare feet. Hold your pencil upright and trace the outline of the foot. Thus, you can measure not only the length but also the width of the foot.
Move on. Remove the paper and draw a straight line. It should start behind the heel and go up to the edge of the longest toe. Don’t forget to leave a space of approximately 1/4 inch just for the shoes to be not too tight. The final length is the exact length of your child’s foot. We recommend you always use this measurement along with our sizing charts while picking the shoes for your child.