My child is tiptoeing: what are the recommendations for maintaining his feet health?

Often parents start to panic if the baby’s development process somehow differs from other children’s one. They start to think about some serious deviations and diseases that the baby might have. One of the common children’s problems is tiptoeing. Why do babies tiptoe, is it really dangerous, what to do if the baby tiptoes? Find out all the answers in this article!

Tiptoeing is a common problem in children. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, mostly of a medical nature (hypertonicity of the gastrocnemius muscles, anomaly of the calcaneal tendon, rapid growth of the baby's skeleton). Therefore, only neurologist can find out the real problem. 

The main recommendation we’d like to give to parents: don’t panic, be patient, watch your child’s behavior. 

Tiptoeing may be an early stage in mastering the skill of walking. The formation of a waking skill takes about a month. If after this time the child still doesn’t fully stand on his feet, then it’s necessary to visit a neurologist. At the same time, children can quickly get used to walk on their toes, therefore, the formation of a new way of walking can take quite a long time.

If neurologists rule out a medical reason for tiptoeing, it’s worth turning to the psychological side of the issue. It’s important that parents consciously perceive the upbringing of the child, which is aimed not only at the child himself, but, most importantly, at the harmony of relationships between all family members.