Orthopedic and preventive shoes: don’t let dishonest sellers fool you!

Nowadays many kids have foot issues that require wearing special orthopedic shoes prescribed by a doctor. What are the key peculiarities of such shoes? What are orthopedic shoes for kids in general? Check out this article to find all the answers!
Unfortunately, nowadays the children's shoe market is full of counterfeit products, low-quality fakes, which can be a threat to the healthy development of the child’s feet. A child’s foot has not been formed yet, so wrong shoes can affect the manner of walking, body posture, and the entire musculoskeletal system of a child. For the proper formation of the child's foot, a child should wear preventive shoes.
When asking for children's orthopedic shoes in shops, many parents mean preventive shoes for children that contribute to the proper formation of the foot. In the original meaning, orthopedic shoes for children are shoes designed to treat pathologies of the foot, lower leg, and thigh of a child. Dishonest sellers often use such misbelief in order to sell ordinary shoes at the price of orthopedic.
What are the differences between orthopedic shoes and preventive shoes?
Since orthopedic shoes for children are designed to correct congenital pathologies, each model is custom-made: a shoe model is created by casting a child’s foot, which helps to bring the foot into the right position. Preventive shoes are mass-produced, focusing on a healthy group of consumers. The main advantage of preventive shoes over ordinary shoes is the consideration of every detail, taking into account all the recommendations of orthopedists.
That’s it! We hope that now you see the difference and won’t let dishonest sellers fool you anymore.