Orthopedic insoles and orthopedic shoes: what are the differences?

Orthopedic products are worn by adults and children as well. Some people wonder what to choose: orthopedic insoles or shoes? This question is always relevant, however, only a doctor will help you to make the right choice, after carefully examining the condition of your feet.

The indications for wearing orthopedic insoles and shoes are similar. Whether wearing orthopedic insoles is enough for the treatment of your disease can only be determined by a doctor.

Orthopedists recommend wearing orthopedic insoles for babies under 3 years old. Such products will also help in the treatment of flat feet. In case of serious feet deformities in a child who’s older than 5 years, orthopedic shoes are needed. Before buying them, you should consult a doctor: what model you should choose and how long you should wear such shoes is determined by a professional orthopedist. For example, when treating clubfoot, special braces are used. Orthopedic insoles are cheaper than shoes, but this is not a reason to violate the recommendations of a specialist if he insists that you need exactly shoes.

Be careful: only an orthopedic surgeon can prescribe the wearing of orthopedic products. What exactly will be better depends on the condition of the feet.