Start spring with the right orthopedic shoes

The spring is already here which means that soon you’ll have much more outside walks and other activities with your baby! That’s very exciting, however, you should prepare your child’s Twiki shoes for the new spring adventures! In this article, we’ll tell you how you and your baby can start spring with Twiki!
Outside walks give your child a perfect opportunity to develop his feet right. Walking on an uneven surfaces positively affects the formation of the arch of the foot. Create an opportunity for your baby to walk on grass, pebbles, sand. Remember that the feet have to literally “work”. Don’t ignore children’s playgrounds, allow your kid to actively run and climb horizontal bars and slides. Trust us: all these activities will be beneficial for your baby if he wears Twiki shoes!
The Trives company has been manufacturing Twiki orthopedic shoes since 1992. The accumulated experience and high qualifications of the staff allowed the company to move to the next stage of its development - the production of children's orthopedic shoes under the Twiki brand. All Twiki shoes are manufactured using Italian technology. The suppliers of materials and accessories are companies from Greece, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and the Netherlands.