The right shoes for the baby’s first steps

You should buy your baby his first shoes when he begins to stand on his feet and take the first steps. It’s very important to make the right choice for the baby’s first steps. The perfect first shoes should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable.
The first child’s shoes should have a fairly rigid, high back, which should fit the foot well. This is necessary so that no undesirable lateral movements of the heel part of the foot occur.
It’s not recommended to choose pointed shoes. The toe part should be spacious, since small children’s feet should be given enough free space in the toe part for the correct development.
Shoes for babies should be ankle-high. The perfect and most reliable way to fix shoes is lacing. With it, it’s more convenient to fit the shoes according to baby’s feet. Properly selected shoes should be easily put on and off without hindering the movement of the feet.
Choose shoes made of natural materials: leather, textiles, felt. They adapt best to the anatomical shape of the feet. The heel height recommended by orthopedists should be 5-7 mm. and it should occupy at least a third of the length of the sole in order to support the heel.