Twiki Is A One-Of-A-Kind Aid For Little Infants With Flat Feet

Flat feet is a deformity that is unfortunately often ignored by parents. However, in the future, flat feet can result in much more severe health problems such as back and joint diseases, fatigue, violation of posture, and so on. That’s why parents should treat their children’s feet with maximum care and attention! Luckily, Twiki is glad to offer different shoe models for different cases!

The Trives company has been manufacturing Twiki orthopedic shoes since 1992. The accumulated experience and high qualifications of the staff allowed the company to move to the next stage of its development - the production of children's orthopedic shoes under the Twiki brand. All Twiki shoes are manufactured using Italian technology. The suppliers of materials and accessories are companies from Greece, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and the Netherlands.

Twiki shoes are designed for the treatment and prevention of flat feet and hallux valgus. Among other feet issues, this group occupies 85% of all deformities. Indications for the use of orthopedic footwear depend on the degree of flat feet and shoe design. The main criterion is the hard design of the counter.