What games are good for children's health from the first steps?

By the end of the first year of life, the baby is trying to stand and rise above ground level. At nine months old, the child already sits down from an upright position, crawls well and tries to stand without parents’ support. If you support your baby with two hands, he will walk pretty confidently.Encourage the child's freedom of movement! Now he’s actively mastering new positions in space and gradually moving to "walking upright". When your baby learns to walk, help him get used to this new space for him.For example, it’s useful to go up and down small slopes or stairs. As a rule, it's easier for a baby to climb, so start with this exercise. In order to make the new game easier, entertain your baby with a simple nursery rhyme to cheer him up!Teach the child to step over a small obstacle (a pebble, a branch), climb on a low stump and get off it. How much pride and joy you will see in the eyes of your baby – he managed to successfully do such a difficult task!When the baby is already good at getting new movements, try to teach him to move to the rhythm of a poem or music. The sense of rhythm is extremely important – both for phonemic hearing, the development of musical and dance abilities, and for coordination of movements. Use any opportunity to clap your hands or tap the rhythm of the song. There are also special games for developing a sense of rhythm.In order for your baby to feel impeccable comfort while exploring the world with the help of games, choose Twiki shoes. Twiki orthopedic shoes are manufactured by Trives company established in 1992 in St. Petersburg. For over 28 years the company has been manufacturing and selling medical and health products. For a quarter of a century, Trives has come a long way of growth and development, having established itself as a responsible manufacturer and reliable partner.