What kind of shoes to buy for a child for kindergarten?

The way we live in XXI century, unfortunately, doesn’t allow many mothers and fathers to spare enough time for their children. In this case, kindergarten is a real way out of a situation. Here, children are not only supervised by nursery teachers while their parents work but also get the necessary comprehensive development: they are engaged in physical education, have outside walks. That’s why child's shoes definitely shouldn’t cause any discomfort, because a child spends a lot of time in kindergarten, from morning to evening, 5 days a week!
Some parents are looking for cheaper shoes when they come to the children's shoe store for a second pair of shoes for the kindergarten. “Well, it’s just for the kindergarten group,” they say, not considering the fact that their child spends most of the day time in such a group, and a pretty major load is placed on his musculoskeletal system. Thus, kindergarten shoes should be as comfortable and anatomically correct as any other everyday children's shoes.
Considering the fact that visiting kindergarten involves indoor group games, festivities, physical education, as well as outdoor walks, a universal type of shoes for kindergarten simply doesn’t and just can’t exist! Here you will need a regular second pair of shoes, party shoes, exercise shoes, and pool shoes in some cases.