What summer shoes should parents choose for their child?

Each parent wants his child to feel impeccable comfort in shoes, especially in summer shoes, as this time of the year presupposes long walks, active outdoor games as well as trips and vacations! What are the right (and the most comfortable!) summer shoes for a child? Find it out in this article! 

During the summer period, children need open shoes, which are most often called peep toe shoes or sandals. They can be used for walking as well as home shoes or a second pair of change shoes in kindergarten. 

When choosing summer shoes, pay attention to internal shoe lining. Genuine leather lining is a traditional wear-resistant breathable material for such shoes element. Most of our summer shoes are equipped with arch support and Thomas heel to provide additional safety of a child. Shock Absorber System absorbs most of the impact in heel area, thus, your child can run and play active games as much as he wants. Flexible Outsole correctly distributes the load on the musculoskeletal system of a child.

Besides, when choosing summer orthopedic shoes, you have to consider that open summer shoes should have a 0.5 cm allowance.