When does your child need orthopedic shoes?

Every day each of us makes tens of thousands of steps. When walking on asphalt, the shock load on the feet (1g = 9.8 m / sec2) is equivalent to the acceleration of the starting ship. Due to the foot arch, trained foot damps down the shock wave from inching movements by 70%. If there are any abnormalities of the spring function, it adversely affects the ligamentous-articular apparatus and the spine.
By reaching the age of 2 years, 23% of Russian children already have to progress flat feet. 40% of 6-year-old children have this problem as well. The orthopedist submits a medical report about the deformation of the arches to every second child in growing age. When the skeleton is ossified, the problem only becomes worse, as there is a scoliosis development, thus, knees and joints of the lower body suffer. In order to prevent flat feet, orthopedists recommend that children under 6 years wear special sneakers and boots that stabilize their feet.
Why do children need orthopedic shoes?
Planovalgus curvature is not only a children’s problem. Although this common problem requires a comprehensive treatment approach, one has to obligatory wear anti-valgus boots. Their particular characteristic is the construction of the last, special insoles, the presence of side quarters, and hard inserts that securely fix the talocalcaneal joint. Different heel lengths on both sides prevent the feet from turning outwards. This compensates for the load on the ankle and protects against foot deformation.