Twiki Orthopedic Boots TW-318-6 Orange Autumn Winter Outdoor Shoes Two Fasteners Baby Toddler Kids Boys Girls

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  • GREAT CHOICE FOR AUTUMN / WINTER / EARLY SPRING SEASON. Helps keep feet dry and warm. The right choice for toddlers in snowy or rainy weather in the late autumn, winter or early spring for outdoor activities
  • ANTI-SLIP WEAR RESISTANT RUBBER OUTSOLE: Durable outsole ensures superior traction and shock absorption
  • ORTHOPEDIC SHOES FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT & HEALTHY DEVELOPMENT. Thomas heel provides support and stability. The insole offers extra cushioning for little feet. The convenient design makes it easier for stepping into boots and taking off
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Nubuck, High-Grade Leather & Faux Fur
  • SIZE FRIENDLY REMIND: Please measure foot firstly, then find out the same or the most nearly on the size chart (on the picture or in product description)



1. A great choice for autumn / winter season.

2. Arch support. Designed to support the arch of the foot, and thereby, reduce strain on certain areas of the feet so that your child can walk, run and even jump without risking foot injuries.

3. Hard heel - keeps the heel in the right position, stabilizes the ankle joint during walking.

4. Outsole enhanced wear resistance with non-slip and shock-absorbing effect.

5. Soft edges in the backdrop prevent the skin from chafing during daily long-term use.

6. Shock Absorbing System softens the blow in the heel area.

7. Two Velcro fasteners allow the use of shoes with different foot wideness.

8. It doesn't take a lot of work to put these boots on or take them off either, because the opening is wide so that all your child has to do is slip their feet in and strap them down.

9. High-quality materials - nubuck, leather. Lining - woolen cloth/fur.