Orthopedic Kids AFO Shoes for Boys and Girls -174-1 - Twiki High Back Sandals with Arch Support, Thomas Heel, Flat Feet - Blue

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  • AFO Shoes are specially designed to provide extra cushion to your toddler's tender feet. The most important aspect of your toddler's feet that you should be concerned about is the foot development. Your toddler's bones are being formed and their feet are increasing in size. It's important to provide their feet the proper support to allow their feet growth to take place the proper way. Arch Support plus Stiff Side Inserts to prevent the foot from rotating inward or slanting outwards
  • 100% High Grade Leather. The shoe is designed to assist in the proper foot and posture development. Especially useful in cases with flat feet and cases where additional foot support is necessary
  • Thomas's heel: a wide heel, extended from the inside. Soft edging in the heel area prevents skin rubbing with daily long use
  • Non-slip amortizing sole with a unique pattern of the protector gives stability. Shock Absorber system in the sole - softens the impact load in the heel area
  • The “Velcro” hook and loop straps allow you to adjust shoes to a different foot width. Your toddlers won’t have to go through the dexterous hassle of having to tie the laces together, all thanks to the quick straps

Key Features of Orthopedic AFO (Ankle-Foot Orthosis) Shoes

1. High Heel shaped hard with extended inner wing - keeps the heel in the right position, stabilizes the ankle joint during walking.

2. Arch Support (Instep) - prevents the development of flatfoot, provides support arches and ligament-muscle training apparatus.

3. Orthopedic Heel "Thomas" - extended from the inside - excludes rotation (heaping) stops inward and serves to balance.

4. Flexible Outsole - elastic, with an artificial physiological shallow, correctly distributes the load on the musculoskeletal system.

5. Soft edges in the backdrop prevent the skin from chafing during daily long-term use.

6. Shock Absorber System softens the blow in the heel area.

7. Wide toe box - the Velcro fasteners (adjustable straps) allow the use of shoes with different completeness foot.

8. Material - 100% High-Grade Leather

9. Provided with reflective elements.

10. High Top