Orthopedic Kids Shoes for Boys and Girls - Twiki - Genuine Leather Sandals with Closed Toe, 2 Fasteners, Non-Slip Amortizing Sole and Thomas Heel

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  • NATURAL MATERIAL. High-quality natural materials of this orthopedic shoes for maximum protection and comfort for your child.
  • AMORTIZING SOLE. Non-slip amortizing sole in this orthopedic shoes with a unique pattern of the protector gives stability of the walking for your kids. Shock Absorber system in the sole - softens the impact load in the heel area.
  • THOMAS'S HEEL: a wide heel, extended from the inside. Thanks to soft edging in the heel area of this orthopedic shoes prevents skin rubbing with daily long use.
  • ARCH SUPPORT plus Stiff Side Inserts to prevent the foot from rotating inward or slanting outwards.
  • The “Velcro” hook and loop straps allow your children to adjust orthopedic shoes to a different foot width.


Key Features

1. Hard Heel - keeps the heel in the right position, stabilizes the ankle joint during walking, it prevents the development of orthopedic pathologies in children.

2. Computation Arches (Instep) - special element of elastic material, which prevents the development of flatfoot, provides support arches and ligament-muscle training apparatus.

3. Orthopedic Heel "Thomas" or a stable heel, extended from the inside - excludes rotation (heaping) stops inward and serves to balance.

4. Flexible Outsole - elastic, with an artificial physiological shallow, correctly distributes the load on the musculoskeletal system.

5. Soft edges in the backdrop prevent the skin from chafing during daily long-term use.

6. Shock Absorber System softens the blow in the heel area.

7. The "Velcro" fasteners allow the use of shoes with different completeness foot.

8. Material - Suede, 100% High Grade Leather

9. Closed Toe - this model has a closed toe.