Twiki Orthopedic Kids AFO Shoes for Boys and Girls Genuine Leather with Arch Support, Non-Slip Amortizing Sole and Thomas Heel, for Flat Feet

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  • HIGH QUALITY GENUINE LEATHER outside and woolen fabric inside of this orthopedic shoe is create comfort, convenience and durability of the shoes for your child.
  • ANTI-SLIP SOLE with protector, Thomas heel and a special shape of the sole of the forefoot prevents the development of flat feet and provide training of the ligamentous-muscular apparatus.
  • A HARD BACK of a standard height keeps the heel in the correct position, stabilizes the ankle joint while walking, prevents the development of orthopedic pathologies.
  • SOFT EDGES IN THE BACKDROP prevents chafing of the skin during daily long-term wear by the child.
  • The “Velcro” hook and loop straps allow your children to adjust orthopedic shoes to a different foot width


Key Features

1. Hard Heel - keeps the heel in the right position, stabilizes the ankle joint during walking, it prevents the development of orthopedic pathologies in children.

2. Removable insulated insole with arch lining (instep support) - special element of elastic material, which prevents the development of flatfoot, provides support arches and ligament-muscle training apparatus.

3. Orthopedic Heel "Thomas" or a stable heel, extended from the inside - excludes rotation (heaping) stops inward and serves to balance

4. Flexible sole - elastic, with artificial physiological washing, correctly distributes the load on the musculoskeletal system. A special surface with convex zones is sewn into the sandal. Convex zones will affect certain areas of the foot and help improve walking.

5. Soft edges in the backdrop prevent the skin from chafing during daily long-term use.

6. Two fasteners "Velcro" allow you to easily and quickly put on shoes, provide comfort with different fullness of the foot, length adjustment is provided

7. Material - 100% High Grade Lether

Lining material - Woolen fabric.

What are these shoes for:

- formation and support of the arches of the foot;

- stabilization of the heel of the foot with hallux valgus;

- correction of the position of the heel bone;

- unloading of the joints of the foot, knee and hip joints.